The Story of Sherri Fishman CFE as a Franchise PR Consultant

Sherri Fishman CFE

Sherri Fishman CFE is one of the most respected women in PR consulting for franchises. Sherri began her career in 1984 with S&S Public Relations as the company’s vice president. After being with S&S Public Relations for seven years, Sherri chose to part her ways and be out on her own, which led to the foundation of her firm known as Fishman Public Relations. Presently, Sherri heads Fishman Public Relations as a Co-Chief Executive Officer.

Sherri Fishman has endured a long journey to bring Fishman Public Relations to its present position. It all began in 1991 when Sherri was encouraged by her husband to venture out on her own, and within six months, she tasted big success. Sherri’s entrepreneurial spirit took Fishman Public Relations to new heights, leading her team of talented people to further its success. Sherri is now associated with 85+ franchise brands through her company.

Fishman Public Relations was founded in 1991, based out of Northbrook, Illinois. It is a thirty-one-year-old PR firm that provides customized solutions for each client. They have a proven track record with their content marketing which generates more leads for their clients and improve the presence of clients’ brands locally and nationally. Fishman Public Relations offer a wide range of services that helps with Consumer relations, Influencer relations, Crisis communications management, digital media content creation, etc.

Fishman Public Relations has been voted the No. 1 PR firm for four years in a row by Entrepreneur magazine’s annual rankings of franchise suppliers. They have also partnered with Worldcom Public Relations Group to expand their presence further on a global scale. Worldcom Public Relations Group is a Canadian PR firm with a presence in 49 countries worldwide. Fishman Public Relations has offices in 3 countries, with one each in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Sherri Fishman completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California. Sherri pursued her graduation with a major in Communications and Public Relations. Sherri studied there for four years, between 1980 to 1984. The University of Southern California is one of the oldest universities in the USA, founded in 1880. It is located in Los Angeles, CA. It offers courses across various domains, including Arts, Medicine, Engineering, etc.

Sherri Fishman has earned her certification as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) from the Institute of International Franchise Association. Sherri Fishman is well respected by her associates and colleagues for her Leadership, Industry Knowledge, and Public Speaking skills. Sherri Fishman, CFE, differentiates herself with her unique skills. Sherri is always the person one can easily rely on for PR solutions due to her in-depth understanding of client needs and her specialized creative abilities.

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