COO & President Steve White of PuroClean on Servant Leadership

COO and President Steve White of PuroClean
PUROCLEAN | Left: Frank Torre, Vice Chairman | Center: Steve White, President & COO | Right: Mark Davis, Chairman & CEO

For the COO & President Steve White of PuroClean, the franchisee/franchisor relationship is paramount to franchise success. After 35 years in the business, he is of the opinion that Franchisees should be given priority over everyone else. As a franchisor, you can’t have a “me first” approach, and the franchise system’s culture and teamwork are its most critical components. In franchise, there are no individual events; it’s a team sport.

To assist franchise owners in flourishing, we need to put in a lot of effort. White claims to have created a work environment where all those representing PuroClean (including the corporate support team, franchisees, and employees) keep their promises. Every member of the corporate support team and every franchise owner is interviewed to be sure. Also on his list of priorities is servant leadership, which he considers an efficient trait in every PuroClean franchisee, employee, and member of the company’s corporate staff.

For the COO & President Steve White of PuroClean, his sense of handling pressure and calm introspection have contributed to his success. One cannot achieve results if one doesn’t stay level-headed to do the right thing, the right way, and every day. In addition to the two characteristics, the third success factor is his openness to people. White makes a point of attending all company-wide events and meets every PuroClean regional conference’s franchise owner one-on-one.

Before working in franchising, White was an infantry officer in the United States Army. During his time in the military, he acquired valuable leadership skills, such as prioritizing the well-being of his fellow soldiers before his interests. His 35-year career in franchising has been marked by the persistence of this mentality, the same persistence that led to PuroClean’s growth in network with 362 franchise owners.

White is a proponent of veteran franchisee ownership and actively supports it. “Veteran franchisees are well-prepared. This individual has a strong work ethic and is able to adhere to rules. Veterans, perhaps more than anybody else, have a desire to serve their country “he informs us. Even though White is dedicated to assisting veterans in becoming PuroClean franchise owners, he is quick to remind out that non-veterans may be equally successful as PuroClean franchisees, too.

Under the leadership of Steve White, President & COO of PuroClean and his executive partners, Mark Davis, Chairman & CEO; and Frank Torre, Vice Chairman; celebrated diversity and inclusion throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, recognizing a new set of exceptional franchise owners. In 2021, approximately one-third of new franchise owners are Hispanic or Latino. Earlier this year, at the PuroClean Annual International Convention, Hispanic franchise owners received top accolades. Ivan and Karina Oliver of PuroClean of San Antonio Northwest were named Multi-Unit Owners of the Year, while David Shiffman and Ricardo Herdan were named Hot Shots. Nelson Rivera also received the first PuroClean Cares Award.

A career that started in the U.S. Army between 1983 – 1983 as an infantry officer for six years led to employment in Domino’s Pizza in 1987, consecutively running up to the role of COO of Allegra Network in 2010. What White has built so far is no short of a legacy of integrity and tenacity. “In business and in life, there will always be tough times, you have to hang on and persevere,” he says.