CEO Peter Markovitz of Mathnasium on the Equation of Success

CEO Peter Markovitz of Mathnasium

In 2002, Cofounder and CEO Peter Markovitz of Mathnasium partnered with David Ullendorff to fill the gap in mathematic education. At Mathnasium, the two were ambitious about building a math-only learning center by leveraging proprietary training modules and the support and guidance of the mathematician Lawrence F. Martinek who later joined as the third founder of Mathnasium.

Using the Mathnasium Method™, conceptualized by Larry Martinek, Mathnasium has helped youngsters enjoy mathematics like never before. The curriculum is a unique mix of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and textual methods to improve mathematical thinking. Since its launch, Mathnasium has been such a hit that in just one year, in 2003, they launched their first  Mathnasium franchise program.

Today the global market for private tutoring services is estimated to reach $260.7 billion by 2024 (Global Industry Analysts). Mathnasium, one of the world’s fastest-growing education franchises under $150,000, offers an unrivaled franchise opportunity that requires no math or teaching experience. Moreover, as franchisees build their business, Markovitz offers the confidence and support of David Ullendorff, Larry Martinek, and the administrative management, who would like every franchisee to be successful.

While a Mathnasium franchise is a great opportunity for mathematics educators, the selection is comparatively selective compared to other industries. As the CEO Peter Markovitz of Mathnasium puts it, “We are looking for people who are enthused about the prospect of making a big difference in the lives of the children. They should be determined to  alleviate the suffering of children who are ashamed of their inability to do math well. Mathematically gifted children can potentially broaden their options as they grow older.”

Talking about math instructors’ expectations in the Mathnasium franchise, Markovitz clarifies training support to their franchise partners. However, he maintains that “Even though we offer substantial training, we’re looking for individuals who can also provide the emotional assistance I mentioned previously. Children require positive reinforcement and individualized attention. They require a companion with whom to share their joys. They need someone who cares about them and believes in them.”


Markovitz believes that there isn’t another education franchise to challenge Mathnasium. He is proud of his franchisees who make Mathnasium a reality because of their humility, compassion, expertise, and dedication. He takes immense pride in Larry’s method to mathematics, which has over 1,000 Mathnasium tutoring franchises worldwide. Our franchisees can make a difference in the lives of thousands of children by using this patented technology.

With a Masters’s from the University of Southern California, in 1983, Markovitz founded Futurekids and led it successfully till 2001. Starting in 2002, he became the CEO of Mathnasium with 18 years of work experience and a partnership with David Ullendorff and Larry Martinek. Today, the trio forms the board of Mathnasium, guiding the executive members of the home office team, the franchise development team, and the franchisees. As a veteran in the business of tutoring, it seems that Markovitz is a model to copy!