The Success Story of Marcos Moura

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Marcos Moura, a seasoned business leader and visionary entrepreneur, has left an indelible mark on various industries throughout his career. From senior care to video game retail, and software development to mortgage lending, Moura’s journey has been characterized by a relentless drive for success and a passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives. Through his roles as Chief Development Officer at Amada Senior Care, host of the “Born To Run It” show, VP of Operations at Play N Trade Video Games, CEO of Shore Cliff Software, CEO of House, The Home Loan Store, and Branch Manager at Bank of America and HSBC, Moura has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate challenges, create growth opportunities, and inspire others. This success story delves into Marcos Moura’s remarkable achievements, highlighting his transformative contributions and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Amada Senior Care: Pioneering Senior Care Solution

Since 2007, Amada Senior Care has been revolutionizing the senior care industry by providing comprehensive in-home non-medical care and assisted living placement consulting services. As the Chief Development Officer at Amada, Marcos Moura played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s growth trajectory. He empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs to establish their own senior care businesses, enabling them to find fulfillment and make a meaningful impact within their communities. Under Moura’s guidance, Amada Senior Care distinguished itself as one of the few companies in North America offering a holistic approach to care options, allowing seniors and their families to make informed decisions. With a focus on personalized care and fostering independence, Amada has become synonymous with excellence in the senior care landscape.

Marcos Moura’s passion for entrepreneurship led him to host the “Born To Run It” show. Through this platform, he shared the stories of entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists who overcame obstacles, embraced failures, and achieved extraordinary success. The show served as an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing insights, inspiration, and practical advice on finding and running the right business. By exploring the trials and triumphs of individuals who pursued their passions, Moura showcased the resilience and determination required to build empires. “Born To Run It” became a source of motivation for countless viewers, instilling in them the confidence and drive to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

During his tenure as VP of Operations at Play N Trade Video Games, Marcos Moura spearheaded the transformation of this video game and consumer electronics retailer. By recommerc-ing consumer electronics and reducing e-waste, Play N Trade positioned itself as a socially responsible player in the industry. Moura developed and implemented a cutting-edge SEO/Local strategy that propelled the company to outperform larger competitors in local search rankings. Additionally, he led a philanthropic initiative that repurposed electronics to benefit children affected by rare diseases. Moura’s strategic planning, franchisee training, and commitment to operational excellence played a significant role in the success of Play N Trade, solidifying its position as a leading retail chain in North America.

As CEO of Shore Cliff Software, Marcos Moura steered this startup software development company toward a successful turnaround. Within one year, he released stable versions of all products, empowered the executive team, and executed a financial recovery plan. His leadership and strategic decision-making attracted the attention of Play N Trade Video Games, leading to the acquisition of Shore Cliff Software. Under Moura’s guidance, the company experienced substantial growth, delivering exceptional POS, web, and digital advertising solutions to 250 clients.

During his tenure as CEO of House, The Home Loan Store, Marcos Moura left an indelible mark on the mortgage and private lending industry. He fostered direct relationships with over 50 banks and lenders, enabling the company to fund over $250 million in residential and commercial loans. Moura’s innovative mortgage lead generation strategy targeted key referral sources, providing borrowers with more control over selecting the best financing options. His solution-based marketing and selling approach resonated with clients, contributing to the company’s exponential growth. Under Moura’s leadership, House, The Home Loan Store achieved remarkable success, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the industry.

In earlier roles as Branch Manager at Bank of America and Branch President at HSBC, Marcos Moura honed his leadership skills and expertise in the financial sector. He managed large teams, supervised branch operations, ensured loan compliance, and implemented effective marketing strategies. His commitment to coaching and developing staff, coupled with his ability to drive results, led to notable accomplishments and recognition within the industry.

Marcos Moura’s multifaceted career path exemplifies the transformative impact that an individual can have across diverse industries. From revolutionizing senior care with Amada Senior Care to empowering entrepreneurs through the “Born To Run It” show, Moura has consistently demonstrated his ability to inspire and create meaningful change. His strategic vision, operational expertise, and dedication to fostering growth have propelled numerous organizations to success. Marcos Moura’s story serves as a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.


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