CEO Dr Erik Ilyayev of on Stephen Covey Mindset

Erik Ilyayev

Healthcare is a booming industry worldwide. It is one of the evergreen sectors that will always improve for patients, doctors, diseases, staff, investors, and franchise buyers and sellers. Yes, you must be thinking of telehealth, but here, it is a little more humanized, wherein you can have high-flying successful doctors visit you on demand. Interesting?

Today, in our Success Story category, we talk about the enterprising Physician Dr. Erik Ilyayev. He is a 2X entrepreneur with one successful exit, investor, educator, and mentor to emerging health professionals with an inclination toward independent practice. His impressive career spans over 12 years in the healthcare domain.

Based in Hallandale Beach, Florida, Dr. Erik Ilyayev is the CEO and Chief Medical Advisor of Dr. Erik Ilyayev is also the co-founder of, a cloud-based software company headquartered in Miami, Florida, that licenses out a suite of medical technology applications to health care providers.

Starting in 2009 as a Resident Physician at New York Methodist Hospital, he became a Regional Medical Director at Visiting Nurse Service in New York. For over a decade, he served in the medical academia in Internal Medicine at St. George’s University in Grenada and Clinical medicine at the American University of Antigua College of Medicine in Antigua.

His contribution to medical pedagogy is impressive and adds flares to his sense of entrepreneurship. Following his residency at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, he developed His team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and care coordinators has served over 5,000 patients in the greater New York area.

CEO Dr Erik Ilyayev of believes that one must create a mission-driven team to succeed as an entrepreneur. While numbers are critical, keeping track of revenues can aid in understanding the business; one must also constantly seek out tools that foster the entrepreneurial spirit.

To follow Stephen Covey’s instruction, one must start with the end in mind. The culture of a business is always derived from the top; followers will mirror their captain. In medical entrepreneurship, the medical guidance one offers to the world must be the same to the immediate family, for in every challenge, there is an opportunity to grow. has not formally communicated any franchise opportunity. With the kind of growth mindset CEO Dr Erik Ilyayev operates, if he ever considers franchising or seeks franchise partners, we are sure you’d like to consider a partnership that makes healthcare accessible to all at a time when the world is rolling from one variant of the pandemic to the other.

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