Kimberly Moreno: A Driven Leader in Franchise Development

Kimberly Moreno
Kimberly Moreno

Kimberly Moreno is an enthusiastic salesperson with a proven track record of success spanning over two decades. Her career path demonstrates a diverse skillset applicable across various industries, with a recent focus on franchise development. This profile dives into her experience, achievements, and the qualities that make her a valuable asset in the franchising world.

A Passion for Sales and Relationship Building

Kimberly’s career trajectory showcases a consistent passion for sales and relationship management. Her early experience as a Game Performer for the NJ Nets indicates a strong work ethic and the ability to thrive in energetic environments. Transitioning to the role of Territory Manager at Arbor Pharmaceuticals honed her communication and relationship-building skills, allowing her to effectively promote pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals.

Extensive Experience Across Industries

For nearly ten years, Kimberly served as a Sales Representative at Varsity Brands. Here, she not only excelled in sales but also played a crucial role in training new representatives. This experience highlights her leadership qualities and ability to mentor others.

A Move to Franchise Development

In 2022, Kimberly’s career took a pivotal turn as she entered the world of franchising. She held the position of VP of Consultant Relations at Franchise Evolution Partners, where she fostered connections with clients and partners to develop emerging franchises. Currently, Kimberly leverages her expertise as the Director of Franchise Development at Franchise FastLane.

Building Brand Awareness and Driving Growth

At Franchise FastLane, Kimberly plays a key role in spearheading digital marketing campaigns. Her focus is on increasing brand awareness and encouraging franchise consultants to connect with qualified candidates. This demonstrates her understanding of the digital landscape and its importance in lead generation.

Recognized Industry Leader

Kimberly’s dedication to her field is evident by her recent recognition in Franchise Journal’s Women’s Issue 2024. This honor acknowledges her achievements and serves as an inspiration for other women in franchising. In her heartfelt message, Kimberly expresses gratitude to Franchise Journal and Shrunk 3D Inc. for their support and emphasizes the importance of empowering future generations of women in business.

Key Strengths and Qualifications

Kimberly’s profile paints a picture of a well-rounded professional with a unique blend of skills and experience. Here are some of her key strengths:

  • Proven sales track record: Her success across various industries demonstrates her ability to achieve sales goals and build strong client relationships.
  • Leadership and mentorship: Her experience training new sales representatives showcases her leadership capabilities.
  • Communication and presentation skills: Her background includes extensive experience in creating and delivering presentations, both virtually and in person.
  • Digital marketing expertise: Her role at Franchise FastLane highlights her understanding of digital marketing strategies for lead generation.
  • Passion for franchising: Kimberly’s recent career shift and her message of empowerment within the franchise industry showcase her dedication to this specific field.

Kimberly Moreno’s extensive experience, combined with her enthusiasm and strong work ethic, positions her as a valuable asset in the world of franchise development.Her dedication to building relationships and her focus on empowering others make her a leader who inspires and motivates those around her.

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