Shane Franson-Evans, as a High-Impact Woman in Franchise

Shane Franson-Evans, born in an entrepreneurial family, has been recognized as one of the most professional women in franchise.

Shane Franson-Evans, born in an entrepreneurial family, has been recognized as one of the most professional women in franchise. Shane started her career at the age of sixteen, right after her high school graduation. She found a job in sales and marketing at the President’s Health Club. Shane is a multi-brand franchisor and entrepreneur who co-founded Massage Heights in 2004. Shane is also a Board Member at Item 9 Lab and Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at The Elevated Brands.

Shane Franson-Evans is currently leading Massage Heights as a Co-Founder since April 2004. Shane came up with the idea of starting Massage Heights from her personal experiences with the massage therapist. Shane has a lower back injury that caused her a lot of pain, leading her to a massage therapist. Shane learned that such massages were out of reach for many people, and there was a lot of room for improvement. It provoked her to start Massage Heights to provide quality, affordable services.

Shane Franson-Evans joined the President’s Health Club, where she had a great learning experience. Shane worked her way up through the ranks quickly there. She learned about customer service and management skills as there was very high growth in the Gym business. Being associated with the President’s Health Club gave her the confidence to achieve more out of life. Shane gained an understanding of membership-based business models with recurring revenues with her gym experience. Since there was barely any competition in the massage space, she decided to start her venture.

Massage Heights was founded in 2004 by Shane Francson-Evans and her husband in San Antonio. Massage Heights was found to provide the best quality massage therapy at an affordable price. When Massage Heights opened its first location, it invited a lot of curiosity from the customers due to its high-end spa services. Many of their customers were interested in starting their Massage Therapy businesses. Massage Heights is operational across the USA and Canada, with over 115 franchises in various locations.

Massage Therapy provides the best franchise business opportunities to potential franchise seekers. Their franchises are independently owned and operated at a very nominal investment with an opportunity to upscale with affordable options. Massage Therapy provides a business model that is sustainable and revenue based. Their model provides better cash flow clarity and helps franchisors confidently lead their business. Massage Heights is a part of an ever-booming industry worth billions with continuous growth.

Shane Franson-Evans is currently a member of the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Franchise Relations and Franchisor Forum Committee since January 2007. She is also associated with American Massage Therapy Association and the International Spa Association since January 2004. Shane joined as a Learning Officer at Young Presidents Organization (YPO) to further supplement her career in December 2015.

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