WOWorks and Tractor Beverage Join Forces

WOWorks and Tractor Beverage Join Forces
WOWorks and Tractor Beverage Join Forces

WOWorks is delighted to join forces with Tractor Beverage Company and its commitment to offering real ingredients in its beverages that align with its “better-for-you” values. Tractor proudly pours Certified Organic, Non-GMO drinks with no added colors, no artificial additives, and no unrecognizable preservatives.

“We all consume food and drinks packed with ingredients we don’t know how to pronounce or can’t be sure of what they do to our bodies,” said Kelly Roddy, CEO of WOWorks. “At WOWorks we strive to ensure better-for-you options are made available at our franchises, and this new partnership with Tractor is a great example of the same.”

The collection of beverages is now available at Saladworks, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, The Simple Greek, Barberitos Southwestern Grille and Cantina, and Zoup! Beverage comprises Lemonade (turmeric & sugarcane), Farmers Punch (Strawberry & Pomegranate), Strawberry Dragonfruit (Pomegranate & Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin), Berry Patch (Apples & Cherries), Peach (Organic Cinnamon grounds & apricot) Unsweet Black Tea (Aromatic black tea) and Sweet Black Tea (All-natural sugarcane-sweetened black tea).

Luke Emery, Chief Customer Officer for Tractor Beverage Company said: “Our team couldn’t be more excited over this new collaboration with WOWorks and their quest for nutritious and delicious meals. With this partnership in place, guests will get to experience entirely new flavors while doing good for the planet one sip at a time!”

About Tractor Beverage Company:

To show off the potency of authentic beverages, Tractor Beverage Co. was founded. Our goal hasn’t changed since Travis Potter, an organic farmer, founded us: to fill the glasses and cups that come with amazing cuisine with something better, something real.
Nowadays, dietary encounters are rife with fascinating, imaginative, and moral elements. Tractor beverages were created for these meals, get-togethers, and celebrations; they offer real ingredients, are flavorful, and provide true nutrition in addition to satisfying refreshments.
Only specific pouring partners, such as restaurants, eateries, and events, offer Tractor drinks.

About WOWorks:

In 2020, WOWorks has established to “WOW!” visitors with wholesome, scrumptious dinners. Saladworks, the top fast-casual salad brand in the country, Frutta Bowls, a cutting-edge restaurant franchise serving superfood bowls, fresh fruit smoothies, protein bites, and more, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, a well-liked Mediterranean restaurant concept, and, most recently, The Simple Greek, a fast-casual restaurant concept serving wholesome and fresh Greek recipes, are all part of its portfolio. WOWorks wants to accelerate the development of its brands through both conventional and unconventional channels, including ghost kitchens, food trucks, and grocery retail.

Franchisees of WOWorks come from a variety of backgrounds, including those who are already franchisees of other brands, those who have varied business ownership backgrounds in sectors like construction, hospitality, and fitness, as well as former professional athletes and veterans. Hawaii is the only state where franchise opportunities are not accessible, and veterans are eligible for a 25% discount on franchise costs.

Please check the franchising pages for Saladworks, Frutta Bowls, and Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh if you’re interested in opening a WOWorks restaurant brand.

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