CEO Michael O. Browning Jr. of Unleashed Brands

CEO Michael O. Browning Jr. of Unleashed Brands

Unleashed Brands is a franchise growth accelerator based in the United States that invests in growth-oriented brands that promote child and adolescent development through three key areas: Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), Playing (Celebrating, Escaping, and Connecting), and Growing (Music & Arts, Martial Arts, Swimming, Sports).

Michael O. Browning Jr. is the CEO of Unleashed Brands. He began his professional career at Cirrus Health, where he developed and managed physician-owned ambulatory surgery centers and short-stay hospitals. During his tenure, he served as Director of Research & Development for the firm in Dallas, Texas.

Healthcare marketing is still in its infancy. The practice must adhere to a plethora of Federal regulations. Thus, Mr. Browning founded Phoebos Partners in 2005, a healthcare consulting firm that pioneered the development of the nation’s most innovative marketing analytics software, which identified the factors that contribute to healthcare marketing success.

Mr. Browning rebranded Montecito Research & Analytics as Montecito Research & Analytics in 2007 after selling Phoebos Partners to Montecito Medical Investment Corporation. Mr. Browning used his expertise and creativity as Senior Vice President of Montecito Research & Analytics to reengineer the healthcare industry’s approach to asset acquisition, development, and management of healthcare assets and market relationships.

Mr. Browning was instrumental in establishing Santa Barbara Medical Innovations (SBMI) in 2009, a privately held health care company focused on the distribution of the ZERONA Non-Invasive Body Contouring Laser. Mr. Browning also founded Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park in 2011, the nation’s premier full-service family entertainment company dedicated to providing safe, clean, and affordable active family entertainment.

CEO Michael O. Browning Jr. of Unleashed Brands specializes in marketing and branding, product launches, sales strategy development, sales team management, technology development, and overall strategic development of businesses that support children’s and adolescents’ cognitive development.

Urban Air, Snapology, and The Little Gym are part of Unleashed Brands’ portfolio. These brands have been selected to bring together innovative and profitable businesses that assist children in learning, playing, and growing. Wall and his team at Unleashed Brands have built a successful platform outlining strategies for scaling businesses focused on serving families over the last decade. The franchise brand is dedicated to bringing joy to children’s lives and creating enjoyable, engaging, and inspiring experiences that help them reach their full potential. If you’re interested in partnering with Unleashed Brands, visit their partnership page.

CEO Michael O. Browning Jr. of Unleashed Brands has earned several accolades throughout his career. Some of the top recognitions include- 20 Exceptional Franchise Leaders of 2021, Franchise 500 Ranking – #55th BEST Franchise, Golden Ticket Award: Industry Leader – FEC, 2020 Best Companies to Work in Fort Worth, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Southwest Region, Franchise 500 Top New Franchise, and many.

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